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We believe in the importance of sharing information to help educate families on how to grow and care for their gardens. For a successful Harvest you have to know the ins and outs of gardening like knowledge in Zoning, Preserving seeds, Compost, Companion planting and so much more! Timeless Information.

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Let's Gro The Garden Life Hot Sauce

I love this hot sauce! It's not too overwhelming and the packaging is awesome! Made to last! Thank you sis for this healthy alternative!


Received my Let's Gro The Garden Life Hot Sauce & BAYYYYBEEEE LET ME TELL YOU! It's delicious! I chose to make hot wings! Sis KennanYah Baht Israel certainly did this! And the beauty is that SHE GREW ALL THE VEGETABLES TO MAKE IT!

Ingredients: 7 different peppers, garlic, olive oil, onions & salt! APTTMH For giving His children skills!


...AND the WINNER IS... LET'S GRO HOT SAUCE. Family and friends and my organic lovers!!! I've found my new love!!

This sauce is made from scratch and natural organic ingredients STRAIGHT from her garden!!!

Also, I purchased seeds from her as well!!!!

Tamela Reynolds

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